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Leap Second

Savor the moments of your life

Leap Second is the only one-second video app you’ll ever need! Capture your favourite memories and showcase the finest moments of your life in style. We make it super easy to trim your videos and stitch them together to form a mini montage of your life. Remember, every second counts!

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald -

Days in 2015

Days in 2016

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Videos are automatically sorted by date and populated inside the integrated calendar, making it super easy to organize your videos. You know how easy it is to accumulate 10,000 pictures and videos, and how hard it is to find the one you want to use. Don’t stress, we’ve got your back.


Enable this nifty setting and if you want all of your one second videos to be backed up to your iCloud library. Never lose a second, never lose a memory! You can use Leap Second across any device synced to your iCloud account. Awesome, right?


You’ve just made the most epic one second video montage of all time. Maybe it’s Hollywood grade stuff and you want to see what your friends think. We’ve integrated all of your favorite social media apps with Leap Second so you can share your creations with a few taps! Or maybe you want to keep your video collages private, that’s cool too.

Adventure is worthwhile.

- Aesop -

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